About The Solar Image Team!

At Solar Image Window Tinting we dedicate attention to every detail, taking the time to give you and your vehicle the best possible care. We are backed by 34 years experience starting small but gaining knowledge and growing into a business that we can proudly say has handled government, military and current dealership contracts. We come with the reassurance that if dealerships have the confidence in our work to handle hundreds of new cars a month you can too! After all, everyone’s vehicles, homes and businesses are unique and we aim to improve not only the look of your assets but to add value and longevity while saving you money in the process .

Our customers searched to find the very best and we offer that with high quality, affordable rates and unmatched proficiency.

Why tint? While a sleek look is an awesome perk, tinting provides many other benefits. Privacy , with hundreds of people passing you daily and spending a good amount of time in your car or truck it’s nice to have privacy. Also to keep valuables: electronics, tools, etc. hidden from the public eye.

Protection -

This extends to you, your family, your vehicles and residence or business.

Tint, be it super dark or a clear provides protection from shattering glass in a case of an accident. It also creates a barrier that shelter and shields from smash and grabs in cars, homes and especially businesses. Adding an additional barrier from thieves and burglary.

UV protection, tint equips your windows with a layer of security and a safeguard from that harsh Florida sun. Premature aging looks and skin damage are the precursor to skin cancer. Having tint on both your house and vehicle can reduce these dangerous rays by up to 99% when using a quality tint! The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends tint to diminish the damage UV rays can cause.

If you have invested a lot of money in a nice car, a new truck, nice new flooring or carpeting and expensive furniture, it should last. Not only your skin but your car’s upholstery and interior are at risk of damage. Cracking, warping, fading are preventable with tint.

Heat Reduction –

Using a good tint can reduce the heat in your car by 60%, this helps the ac to keep the vehicle colder and also allows it to cool more quickly on those scorching summer days. Better yet tinting your home or business will cut down heat and your electric bill. Tinting residential and commercial properties is an investment and 

Solar Image is committed to using only good value product, therefore all films have a coating of scratch resistant hard coat to protect films contain a coating of strong adhesive which bonds firmly with glass and prevents flying glass in case of accident or vandalism.

With our commitment comes warranty; professionally sold and installed by our certified trained techs. Solar Image Window Tinting uses high end automotive type window film guarantees against peeling, cracking, delamination, demetallization, adhesive failure and change of color to purple. This warranty coverage is valid for as long as you own the car from the date of its original installation.

At Solar Image Window Tinting, we have various window tints for your vehicle, home, or business. We have light, shade or decorative styles. Call or text our Tampa Bay Area Window Tint experts for a information and quotes. 727-484-6541*1685123525600*1685122976797*Car%252520Wash%252520Serv%252520Social%2525201*svg?alt=media&token=dc13581d-ad2d-4fad-b096-6aab5e43c789*1685123526720*1685122976799*Car%252520Wash%252520Serv%252520Social%2525202*svg?alt=media&token=cb070aae-a40f-49f7-b5ea-6663ca3eb8cd*1685123527783*1685122976800*Car%252520Wash%252520Serv%252520Social%2525203*svg?alt=media&token=b8d9a98e-86a5-4592-a701-61931e7b5094*1685123528916*1685122976802*Car%252520Wash%252520Serv%252520Social%2525205*svg?alt=media&token=933ceedd-4663-4460-bec0-9f8d0b348518*1685123530002*1685122976801*Car%252520Wash%252520Serv%252520Social%2525204*svg?alt=media&token=66233a03-d4e4-46eb-885b-05beeb9cd705*1375101_1158866217464704_4866535816811189311_n*png?alt=media&token=99785cfa-e520-4d2a-9c68-0734d580bf75*skin-fdn-logo*png?alt=media&token=f79cd92d-dfdd-4402-8628-084693033039*energystarpartner-846x340*png?alt=media&token=74afeb90-8eaf-41fd-a7dc-b0bbacfbc2c3*3mlogo*png?alt=media&token=fac2feb1-a825-4c3e-9fde-83c7ed1cff6d
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